Venezuela: Chomsky, Code Pink and Left-Wing Colonialism

On March 5, 2019, a public letter signed by “124 academics from around the world” appeared under the title “An Open Letter to the Washington Office in Latin America (WOLA) on its position on the United States’ effort to overthrow the Venezuelan government. ” As I will try to demonstrate in this text, this communication is a good example of a type of thought that I have called, provocatively, “left-wing colonialism”.

To clarify from the beginning, I do not consider that all progressive intellectuals and activists in the United States suffer from “left-wing colonialism.” On the contrary, I have met many people from that country, from leftist ideologies of all currents, genuinely interested in the Venezuelan situation and, to inform themselves, make the effort to read what is generated from within the country, dialogue with local actors and support their efforts.

In our opinion, left-wing colonialism is characterized by 4 core ideas:

1) The United States is the political, economic, social and cultural axis of the world.

2) Their criticisms and allegiance on world conflicts has little to do with the real situation of the territories, being subservient to and dependent on their position on the internal politics of the United States.

3) To comment on the conflicts of the so-called “Third World”, they opt for the “debate between peers” and hierarchize the knowledge about the conflicts generated by the academic centers of the First World.

4) The democratic, utopian or revolutionary aspirations are only legitimate, in all their extension and amplitude, for the developed territories of the member countries of the “colonial matrix of power.” For the rest of the planet there is folklore.

We repeat what we have said on other occasions: the protagonism of the most conservative forces, like the government of the United States, takes place due to the abandonment that the progressive international forces have made of the democratizing demands of the Venezuelan people

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